6 step process of collision damage repair
07 Aug

The 6 Step Process of Collision Damage Repair

The 6 Step Process of Collision Damage Repair

6 step process of collision damage repairAuto collisions are the primary cause of vehicle damage. Not only do these unfortunate incidents damage the outer body of the vehicle but they also cause technical problems. Fortunately, you can get your vehicle back in shape with the help of automobile collision repair services.

Collision damage repair process contains several steps. The number and sequence of steps may differ depending on the collision repair service, but generally it is a 6-step process. They are as follows:

1. Collision Estimate

The main purpose of a collision estimate is to get your vehicle back in shape and on the road again. Auto body facilities are equipped with experienced and well-trained estimators who can quickly and accurately assess any kind of damage incurred from an auto accident. If your vehicle is insured, then the auto body shop will collect the appropriate information from you and also photo document the damage.

2. Vehicle Disassembly

Once the estimate is completed, the vehicle disassembly process will begin. Generally, it takes about 24 hours to disassemble the affected areas of the vehicle. Via disassembly, the hidden damage that was not visible at the time of the estimate is discovered and identified. If any additional damage is identified, then the auto repair facility will inform you and your insurance company.

3. Auto Body Repair

As the name suggests, the physical and structural repair process will begin in this step. If there are no replacement parts available in the facility, then they will be arranged as quickly as possible. Reputable auto body shops use state-of-the-art frame machines and a computerized frame measuring system in order to make sure that the structural components of your vehicle meet OEM specifications. Proper alignment of all body panels and moldings is also ensured.

4. Vehicle Paint

Once all the repairs are finished, your vehicle’s body will be moved to the paint department of the facility where the alignment accuracy of the body panel will be rechecked. If your vehicle does not pass the alignment accuracy check, then no paintwork will be done and the issues will be fixed before proceeding. The paint process will only begin if your vehicle passes the alignment accuracy check.

5. Vehicle Reassembly

Once the paint process is completed, your vehicle will be moved back to the technician’s bay for reassembly. In this step, all remaining parts and components will be reinstalled onto the vehicle. The vehicle will also be washed inside and out. After that, your vehicle will go through a final fitting test to make sure that everything is completely operational and is exactly where it is supposed to be.

6. Detail and Delivery

Once the auto body technicians are confident that all your repairs are complete, you will be informed that your vehicle is ready for pick-up. When you arrive for the pick-up, you will receive an itemized, complete copy of the repairs and the staff will answer any questions that you might have. Finally, you will receive a copy of auto body shop’s written warranty (if the auto body shop provides it on repairs).

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