choose your own body shop for insurance repairs
25 Jul

Don’t Take Your Car to Just Any Auto Body Shop That Your Insurance Company Tells You to Go to, Choose Your Own for These 5 Reasons

Don’t Take Your Car to Just Any Auto Body Shop That Your Insurance Company Tells You to Go to, Choose Your Own for These 5 Reasons

choose your own body shop for insurance repairsAfter a car accident, it is quite common for people to fall in line with everything their insurance company has to say. This includes bringing their vehicle to their recommended auto body shop. However, keep in mind that you can choose an auto body shop other than what your insurance company suggests. In fact, taking your vehicle to an auto body shop that your insurance company recommends can have some disadvantages. You can avoid those disadvantages by choosing your own shop.

Choosing an auto body shop recommended by your insurance company isn’t always the best choice. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose your own:

1. You Have the Right to Choose

Keep in mind that you have the legal right to choose any auto body shop for repairs that you want. Your insurance company will pay out on the claim. There is no law that states that your insurance can influence you to go to an auto body shop of their choice. They can only provide recommendations; the final decision is yours.

2. Hands-on Approach and More Competitive Pricing

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to vehicle repair, then it is recommended that you shop around to find a service provider that is more competitively priced. You can visit different auto body shops in your area and request estimates, then compare those estimates to determine which one best suits your budget and preferences.

3. Repairs Performed by Auto Body Shop Suggested by Your Insurance Company Are Often Times Inferior

Insurance companies and auto body shops often partner together to form beneficial relationships. In this way, a body shop follows the instructions of the insurance company because it is source of a steady stream of customers for them. The insurance company on the other hand, can dictate which repairs are completed. While the repairs will often be completed at a discounted rate, the quality of those repairs may be inferior as compared to other auto body shops in the area.

4. Replacement Parts Aren’t Always OEM

Replacement parts used by auto body shops affiliated with an insurance company are often aftermarket parts. They are not as good as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products when it comes to quality. Usually this is because the insurance company often gets the last say in which parts are used for replacements. Another issue could be that some damages that are not easily seen may be left unrepaired. This can cause problems for you and your car down the road. If you want your car to be properly repaired with OEM replacement parts, then makes sure you choose an auto body shop that uses them for each and every repair.

5. Peace of Mind

Most people don’t feel comfortable taking their vehicle to a body shop suggested by their insurance company for the reasons mentioned above. An advantage of choosing your own auto body shop is that you can choose the one with which you are comfortable with. Maybe it’s because of their strong reputation, maybe you like their advisor or technicians better, or maybe you have previous experience with the shop and they know you and your vehicle. Taking your vehicle to that auto body shop will give you peace of mind that other body shops suggested by your insurance company cannot offer.

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