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Got A Bad Vehicle Paint job? Here Are 5 Signs That An Auto Paint Shop Is Not A Good One.

Got A Bad Vehicle Paint job? Here Are 5 Signs That An Auto Paint Shop Is Not A Good One.

got-a-bad-vehicle-paint-job-here-are-5-signs-that-an-auto-paint-shop-is-not-a-good-oneAuto paint shops are great for breathing life back into the paintwork of your vehicle. Whether dealing with a faded paint job full of nicks and scratches or complete changing the color of your car, auto paint shops provide a fast and effective service that leaves your vehicle looking good as new – providing they are good a what they do!

Unfortunately, like many other types of auto shops around the country, there is no guarantee that a paint shop is going to do the job well. The last thing anyone wants when paying for a new paint job is for the finished product to look terrible, which is often the case when using an unreliable auto paint shop.

To avoid getting a bad paint job in the future, be sure to look out for these 5 signs that an auto paint shop is not a good one:

1. Mismatched Colors

One of the most obvious signs of the quality of an auto paint shop is their ability to match colors on the vehicle. Not everyone needs their entire car repainted, sometimes it’s just a replacement door or hood that needs to match the original color.
Sadly, the worst shops often struggle to do this. This shouldn’t ever happen with a modern vehicle, as paint codes are usually left somewhere in the body to let them know the exact color, which can then be made to match the original. If they don’t match your paintwork, it’s time to look for somewhere else!

2. Impurities in the paint

An auto paint shop is dealing with a high number of vehicles daily, so it’s understandable there will be dust, dirt, and debris around the shop. A good shop should be vigilant about these particles, as they will easily make it into the paintwork if not properly cleaned, especially in the paint booth.

Look for technicians that thoroughly clean down a vehicle before they paint it and cover any areas that may blow out dirt, such as the underside of the vehicle, which should prevent impurities appearing on the new paint.

3. Runny Paintwork

This is always a case of a rushed paint job, so if you ever see lots of drops and runs, then the auto shop clearly hasn’t taken the time to do the job right. Many auto painters believe they can cut corners are people won’t know any better, so be sure to look over this before you give final payment.

4. Poor Masking

Masking involves covering a car with masking tape and paper to protect areas that aren’t being painted. As this is quite time-consuming, many shops look to cut corners by rushing the masking, which usually results in splotches of color on areas like the exhaust.
A vehicle’s underside should always be thoroughly taped before painting, so be sure to check for this to see how much time and effort was put into masking your car.

5. Bad reviews

This is quite a simple one, and it’s worth doing before choosing a paint shop for your vehicle. Sites like Yelp and Autobody Review have reviews where you can gauge all the above points to see the overall quality – or lack thereof- of an auto paint shop.

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